Blog #5

Step 5. Change Your Nightly Ritual

Changing my nightly ritual would help my smartphone usage greatly. I always use my phone before I go to bed, and I tell myself that it helps me fall asleep. But, I can’t remember the last time I just didn’t use my phone at all before bed. What else am I supposed to do? I feel like it tires me out in a way, but I know it’s definitely not good to stare at a screen while in the dark. In order to fix this, I could start coloring before I go to bed, because I really hate reading and will never find myself reading a book voluntarily. Or, I could learn something new, like how to crochet, or make friendship bracelets, anything crafty is better than sitting on my phone.

Step 8. Turn off Notifications

Turning off my notifications would help immensely. I remember there was a time when I turned off all of my Snapchat notifications, and I swear I used my phone so much less for that period of time. I have notifications on for all of my apps, and every time I’m doing homework, a single notification pops up and draws my attention completely. Sometimes, when I have big assignments, I turn off my notifications just to stay focused and get the assignment out of the way, but I think I should turn my notifications off all the time. Like when I’m trying to fall asleep, when I’m eating with people, when I’m driving, when I’m working, basically anytime I’m doing something that doesn’t involve using my phone.

Step 12. Meditate

I think meditating would be a huge help with the amount of stress I have. Using my phone is not a good meditation tool, and I go on my phone sometimes just to avoid stressful situations or when I want to take my mind off of something. My boyfriend actually recommended that I start meditating the other night because my anxiety is getting so bad, and every time I’d get back on my phone after a breakdown, I’d find myself upset all over again over one lame post or just over the smallest thing. I’ve heard only good things about doing it, so I feel like doing that will not only make me happier but it will also make me feel healthier.



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